The Perfect Home Builder for Your Every Home Repair Needs

affordable home repairsSuffering from busted lights or broken pipes, and you are in Jackson, WY? With Foss Construction Inc., worry no longer. We are the solution to your home repair needs. Our almost thirty years of service as a home builder has made us renowned as the expert in home repairs.

As you number one home builder, we provide comprehensive home repair service. Worthy of note are our following services, which are commonly required by the homeowners in the area.

  • Electrical Works. If you have faulty wiring, our technicians can fix them for you. Our technicians are all about safety. You will find your wiring and electricity works safely wired up. We can also work on your lighting systems, your electric panelboard, and your emergency generators. Anything about your electrical system, we can help you.
  • Carpentry works. Meanwhile, if your problem rests in your indecision to have an additional outdoor kitchen, or a falling cabinet door, or the creaky wooden staircase for the attic, we are happy to announce that we also have carpentry works services. Our professional workers are skilled with their hammer and mallet. They can nail on whatever household carpentry defects you have.
  • Painting Jobs. Whenever you notice that the paint on your walls is fading, call us immediately for our repainting services. This is part of our home repair services to keep your house decent-looking and lively. We have a number of lustrous colors, as well as a range of brown amber tinges. No matter the texture of your surfaces, we can do the painting job for you.
  • Plumbing works. However, if the problem is with your PVC pipes, you can rely on our trusted technicians to keep your plumbing in good condition. We have the tools and equipment for the repair of your pipes, no matter how deep they are embedded on the ground or wall.

Here at Foss Construction Inc., our home services do not end there. Whatever home adjustments or repair you need, you can rely on us – your trusted home builder in Jackson, WY.Call us now at (307) 413-4559!


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